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Portable Rechargeable Neck Fan 9000mAh

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Neck Fan Mini Bladeless Fan 9000mAh Rechargeable Fan Portable Hanging Sports Fans for Home Outdoor Air Conditioner Cooler

As the cool and wet spring rainfall gives way to hot and sticky summer days, it's essential to take acceptable measures to keep cool and stay doused to help heat- related ails. 
 High temperatures affect in hundreds of direct and circular deaths every time, which can be avoided by following simple measures. 
While relaxing in front of the air exertion unit may feel like the stylish option to combat the scorching heat of the summer, movable suckers are a cheaper and more accessible system to escape the heat. 
 When the rainfall becomes really sticky, suckers can be veritably precious to bring much- demanded relief from the moisture as the temperatures continue to climb. 
 Movable suckers are practical suckers that can be dislocated fluently and can be plugged either into a USB harborage or into any conventional socket outlet. 
 Groups of movable suckers include box suckers, window suckers, pedestal/ bottom suckers, office/ table suckers, palace suckers, clip-on suckers and contemporary mechanical movable hand suckers. 
These languages have been espoused by the assiduity to portray and describe the addict. 
 For illustration, “ office”, “ bottom”, “ table” describe where the suckers are to be placed. “ Pedestal” suckers mean they're backed by an malleable stage while clip-on suckers have flexible daises which can be cropped on a face. 



1. Size :215*179.5*58MM
2. Battery :9000mah(2PCS*4500mAh)
3. Weight:345g
4. Output Power :5W
5. Input Current :DC 5V/2 A
6.Battery Voltage :3.7 V
7. Charging Time :About 6-9hours
8. Usage Time :10-20hours

Package List

1* Neck Fan
1* Type-C Cable
1* User Manual
1* Retail Box

About Red Light When it Charging

We have two kinds of red lights about charging fan.

1: The red light flashes when charging, the red light is always on when fully charged

2: The red dot flashes when charging, and the light is off when fully charged



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